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When You've Nothing to Say

Writers Block

What do you write, when you've nothing to say?

You write, "I've got nothing. That is all for this day."

Then you pause and you wait and you sit and you stare.

And you wonder aloud, "Is there anything there?"

And if not, after time, you just walk away.

After all, when you started, you had nothing to say.

But take note, in the process of just saying naught.

You took up the challenge against silence and fought.

You really said something, if only to muse

On the subject of nothing and that lit your fuse.

Put your hands on the keyboard and your eyes on the screen.

Whatever the outcome, you'll have said what you mean.

And it may surprise you when something pops out.

And you'll press the "Send" button with a smile and a shout!

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