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Tootsie Goes Astray - You must click the link to read the story! #hens

So, I am working at my desk in my home office and there is an awful racket at the front door. It sounds like one of the hens, but they have never ventured to the front before.
Yet, there at the door, looking lost, is Tootsie calling for help.
"Please answer, squawk, squawk, squawk."
Somehow, she had separated from her sister, Viola and wandered off her beaten path.
I escorted her, though she was somewhat resistant and agitated, back to the backyard. As soon as she recognized where she was, she calmed down.
Viola was located in the pen area, happily eating, drinking, and wondering what all the fuss was about.
They are now back to being inseparable and following each other around the yard eating seeds, leaves, and whatever they can steal from my garden.
We are all much happier now.