Through Many Dangers
One Thing I Have Asked

Seeking Savior

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“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” – Luke 19:10

This simple word from the Master answers the criticism of stale religionists that He was spending too much time with sinners.

“Of course I am” is His implied reply.

“That is why I came!”

The news is good for sinners and bad for those who fancy themselves above such a call.

First, for the sinner, touched by God’s grace, it is the assurance that something better awaits our lives, that we are not beyond the reach of the gospel, and that we can change. The Lord is entirely ready to remove our defects of character when we are entirely ready to have Him do so. He comes to our table as the friend of sinners and waits for our agreement with Him in prayer and for our humility in the asking.

He is our friend, but He wants to make us His friends through conversion. He is patient and compassionate and understands the frailty of our faith and commitment. He does not demand a great eruption of energy or resolve from us, but the humble act of petition through surrender. If we will present our lives to Him where we are and as we are, He can work a miracle of grace. Are you ready to ask?

Second, it’s bad news if we are complacent and self-assured, if we feel we are better than everyone else, or if we sense no responsibility for bearing the cross of a witness. He has sent us as the Father sent Him.

That means that our hearts must beat as His beats – for broken, wounded, and flawed people. It also means that when He sits at our table, it is not because we are worthy; it is because we too are needy and He came to seek and to save us as well. Humbling thought, isn't it?