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Life Lessons and Tools from a Salesman

Dads tools

My grandfather was a master, finish carpenter.  His son, my father, was not. He dabbled and actually had some very fine projects like a room addition and an attic conversion. He liked the idea of using tools to make toys and other things, but  it never really got off the ground. However, he possessed many life tools and he used them in the  profession of selling and the larger profession of living.

I found these 5 lessons from of my father while wandering through tweets I posted nine years ago. They are tools, among others from him, that I have adopted for life and work.

1. Shake off your old baggage. Dad overcame a lifetime of cultural prejudice to see all people as equal. That takes integrity.

2. Show regard and honor for people. Dad taught respect. We don't give it because people earn it, but because of who we are and who God made them to be.

3. Shoulder your responsibility and sometimes that of others. Dad taught  me be to be honest, to work hard and to remember that customers are always right - no matter how wrong they are.

4. Shine through. Dad had this sentimental side that could not be hidden by his sometimes gruff exterior. You are what you are. Let it shine.

5. Shake hands and make friends before you try to sell anything. Dad was a salesman, could sell anything and sold many different things. He could talk to anyone. I thought he knew everyone. He almost did.  His customers were his friends.