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I Just Don't Fit In --- GOOD!

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Have you ever felt that you just don't fit anywhere?


Have you ever felt conflicted with all the nice people around you whose views you just cannot buy wholesale? GOOD!

Have you every felt that there is no one ideology that describes you? That is good too. Even with your friends and family, you just can't seem to get completely adjust.

Does it seem like you just don't completely belong here?

YOU DON'T --- but you are here!

And while you are here, you can make a difference. If you are a Jesus Follower, as I am, you tend to filter every notion, cliche, issue, and nuance through that one basic commitment and ...

... and you feel unsettled ... disturbed ... conflicted ...


Keep on keeping on, but don't get too adjusted to this world.

"And I don't want to get adjusted to this world, to this world
I've got a home so much better
And I'm gonna go there sooner or later
And I don't want to get adjusted to this world, to this world"

 Iris Dement