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Fear or No Fear


Fear-no fear
Recently, author and pastor, Josh Hunt mused, "Two of the most common commands in the Bible: 'Fear the Lord' and 'Do not fear.'"

It prompted a meditation.

We are attracted toward fear. Fear takes our breath away. We stand on the precipice of a canyon and gaze with wonder and appreciation. There is a beauty-fear connection which is, I think, the fear of the Lord. We synthesize our attraction and aching for authentic fear with roller coasters and horror movies.

This attraction points to something real and intrinsic - the need to stand dumb-struck in the presence of Anselm's "that than which nothing greater can be thought." When we confront that fear and are overwhelmed by it, we see that it is enveloped in love and grace.

Then, that essential, intrinsic fear casts out all fears and renders us fearless.