Summer and Winter
Morning Worship - June 18, 2017

Demands and Dread


I faced a recent day with a mixture of excitement and dread. The excitement of anticipation came from the developing reality that the day was pregnant with possibilities and packed with responsibilities that I often relish, opportunities for good and for exercise of my gifts.

The dread emerged for the same reasons and the gap between the two extremes was that there was no gap. All gaps had been filled. The day was packed tight. I had not allowed processing time, down time, or preparation time.

I entered that day as I had prepared to do and cranked up my body’s engine knowing that it would run until bedtime.

I am not sure that "dread" is such a bad word. It is like the fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom, the fear that dispels all other fears and depletes them of their power. This dread is in the knowledge that the day will be demanding, awesome, and somewhat unknown.

How do we make this DREAD work for us in meeting the demands of my life each day?

D - Dependence - Everything about a demanding day points toward our dependence on some positive things - God, our teammates, our preparation, our inner resources, our conviction that what we are doing is true to our calling and must be done.

R - Reflection - That is what I did after the day and as I made notes that became this blog entry. We need to start before the day really begins. We build it in upfront or we die. I am way too busy not to read scripture and pray every morning. There are far too many demands on my life for me to hit the ground running thoughtlessly or haphazardly.

E - Eagerness - I am truly eager to embrace these demands because they are part of the reason I am on this planet. I was born to do the things I will do today and tomorrow. My dread is really more about what will be left undone, the things I must postpone, and the nagging suspicion that I am not quite ready. Eagerness allows me to embrace the wonder of what God will do in spite of and sometimes, because of my inadequacies.

A - Acceptance – Once the day has begun, I have just a few minutes to wrap things at home up, grab a shower, and get out of the house. The clock does not lie. The calendar is accurate. The day is what it is and things are scheduled. At any time, God can change everything, but for now, I accept that it is what it is.

D - Do It! - It is time to begin. I can wimp out or step up. If I wimp out, it will not be the first time, but it will also not be the last. It will make it easier to quit next time and that is something I ought to truly dread.  Just do it. Take a deep breath and step into the day with both feet.

As I will find pockets of rest, moments of refreshment, and much energy for whatever is demanded. Whenever I am caught up in the middle of my calling, I am renewed.