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S.A.L.E.S. - an Acronym for Success


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"What are you selling?"

I ask that question to the well dressed, smiling young person who has asked for ten minutes of my time, sitting across from my desk. I get a look that suggests I have demoted them to scraping scum off the bottom of a sewage pipe with a toothbrush with all the status and dignity they associate with that.

"I am not here to sell you anything," they insist. In a way, that is correct.

They are exposing me to information I don't have, opportunities of which I am not aware, and a relationship I do not have with them and their company. They are educating me. They are listening to me. They are trying to connect me with what I want and need.

But they are also selling something they believe in in a way that is mutually beneficial and that is honorable.

Sales is not a dirty word or a dishonorable profession - especially when you spell it right.

Here's a little spelling lesson. Here are some principles that are vital to your success in sales, but not exhaustive:

S = Sincerity. You cannot disguise some other motivation as sincerity and fool people. You must believe in what you are promoting, representing, preaching, teaching, or selling.

A = Attitude. It doesn't matter how often I talk about attitude, it is not enough, because your attitude will make or break you in any kind of sales. Bad attitudes lead to poor results. Positive attitudes put you on the road to success.

L = Laughter. Your sense of humor makes you likable and someone who is easy to relate to. I am not talking about being silly and unprofessional, but your ability to laugh with people shows that you are relaxed and confident. Among other things, it is a metaphor for transparency and authenticity.

E = Ethics. You need to be honest. No one does business with a cheat more than once. Whatever you do, do the right thing. Even if it means losing a sale, do the right thing.

S = Spirit. I mean your spirit, not God's. You need that too and ultimately. I mean life and energy, enthusiasm and motivation that comes from the depths of your being, that gets you up and going and keeps you going. I mean finding that inner voice that encourages you, that drive that moves you, and that courage that keeps you keeping on. Come to think of it, I am talking about the Spirit of God working with your spirit.

What are you selling? 

I appreciate it when you can tell me in a few words and with the right approach and I want you to win every time you help me win. Go out and sell something worth selling!

But first sell yourself to yourself!