Sins of the Fathers

Love Lenses

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It is very difficult to love our neighbors if the only lens through which we view them is the lens of fear. There are dangerous people in the world, but not all people are dangerous. Most are not. We need to change our glasses and view our neighbors through the lenses of love.

GlassesOnly the fear of the Lord begins a process of wisdom. There is no wisdom in any other sort of fear, only poor choices that seem right in the moment.

All other fears are cast out by that awe-some, jaw-dropping, knee-popping, head-bending, body-trembling unveiling experience of His power, holiness, and love. Then, in that love, all fear is cast out.

So, fear of anything or anyone else produces bad decisions whether personal or policy driven. We live by the liberating law of love. Fear and love cannot coexist equally in our attitudes toward others. Fear imprisons us and constricts us. Love sets us free.

God's love intervenes when we are inclined to retreat from Him and the hand of Jesus draws us toward Him. His Spirit fills us and we come. And we come that we may go, fearless into the world.