Poor, Broken, and Beloved
The Triple Threat to Discouragement - Romans 12:12

How many (Fill in the blank)s does it take to change a (Fill in the blanks.)? What? Change?!!!!!

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If we don't want change, all change is intimidating.

George Carlin said he put some money into one of those change machines and nothing happened.

Sometimes, I'd be happy to find a change machine that actually produced transformation in any number of areas of my life and community.

That is one of the appeals of the Jesus movement through history. Those who embrace it and proclaim it know it to be a message of transformation. The human side of transformation is a word that sounds like a Bible thumper's theme, "repentance." It calls forth memories of muggy nights, loud preaching, stern looks, and harsh threats to all who will not repent.

It really means "change" and the gospel writers paired it in the preaching of Jesus with the good news of God's Kingdom.

Why good news?

The good news is that, because there is a new regime and order of things with the coming of a new king, change is possible. It is mandated because it is no longer futile.

A man asked the Zen Buddhist merchant for change for a dollar and he replied, "All change comes from within."

True. It does. It comes from the indwelling presence of a power greater than ourselves who possesses power and personality and who deeply desires for us to come a be a part of His kingdom of joy.

How about an extreme makeover - spiritual edition?

Change from the core

We will start with the CORE of our lives - our spirits, ignited to life by God's Spirit and radiating out into four dimensions of living:

Community, Occupation, Resources, and Emotions

Yes, that spells, CORE.

Another key word is related to the construction of a life that is strong and resilient in the midst of the culture quakes, economic tornadoes, circumstantial floods, and faith explosions of our times. That word is STAND.

To STAND, we must Shore up our foundations, Take a Team approach, Act purposefully, Name our resources, and Develop our souls.

The last time I taught it, it took five weeks to consider and a lifetime to implement.

Change is possible and we can stand and withstand the onslaughts of overwhelming problems in uncertain times if we will develop from the CORE.