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Writing in the Public Square

Coffee and words

Even though I wrote about writing in public seven years ago, I was doing it long before and I am still doing it. So, here is the recycled version of Writing in the Public Square.

The title could mean at least two different things.

To write in the public square might mean to write something that is meant to be widely read and discussed among the public. That is a good thing. However, success depends upon writing well, addressing timely topics, creating interest, and attracting attention.

I may or may not be doing that right now.

Yet, I am certain that I am writing in the public square because I am sitting in a public place and writing.

That is the other meaning.

And where I sit informs my writing because, as the world passes by my private seat, some of their questions, hurts, conversations, and energy get inside me and inform me and the questions I ask and answer.

I often need privacy to write, but at the moment, I am getting all I need in the public square.

Now, will anyone read it?