God of Day and Night
Prayer of the Destitute

Living in Ordinary Amazement

Do you not perceive

We see something amazing and set it aside as if amazement is not the way we are to live each day. What is amazing must be some sort of aberration or inclusion. 

We cannot cope with what we cannot explain. We cannot chart our course by impossibilities.

We say such things to ourselves.

What is amazing is rare and fleeting.

It is this true or is amazement the common, ordinary, extraordinary, daily way we are to live this life of faith and expectation. Daily miracles in small doses are those movements of God that we must come to perceive and understand for what they are.

They are not out of the ordinary in the sense of being rare. They are rare only to the extent that they are not appropriated and appreciated.

It is a simple thing to find amazement. The strength to arise and face another day is extraordinary for some.

To find grace and provision in a time of turmoil is to walk by faith and not by sight. Spiritual perception is the goal of spiritual reflection and it is for fishermen and other every day disciples to discover as they walk with the Master.

We are ordinary people living extraordinary lives in ordinary ways.

Every day is a victory march.