Honest to God, Honest to Ourselves
Silver and Gold - We Have None

We Cannot Turn Away

Where there is pain

There is no political ideology or argument that can justify compassion. There is no dialectical point and counterpoint that will result in a prevailing decision to act with love, compassion, and good-news justice in the world. It is an ethical component of faith systems which I am not competent to represent. It is essential to mine, to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Where there is human pain, suffering, injustice, ostracism, inequality, or bigotry, I cannot turn away in apathy or judgment against the suffering. I must allow my heart to be broken and my body to be activated.

I cannot call myself a disciple of Jesus and turn away.

Political persuasion plays no role in my decision making or motivation. It is merely one tool to accomplish what I am compelled by conscience and the love of Jesus to do.

This is a self-confessed bias and I am as connected to it as my extremities are to my body. It does not matter if doing the right and compassionate thing makes me and those with me -- or even my country (if we happen to do what is right) look ridiculous or be at a disadvantage. What is right is what is right.

If we have faith in God, we cannot and need not calculate on the basis of expediency as the main criterion for decision making.


(Maybe, we are more broken than angry, but this song comes to mind and reinforces my courage!!!!)