"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
all those who practice it have fa good understanding.
His praise endures forever!" - Psalm 11:10

If the fear, awe, and reverence of God provide the starting point for wisdom, it would behoove me to begin there daily with simple acknowledgement and soul-deep realization of God's vast, impenetrable majesty.I must melt before I can be molded. If I can come unformed, unrefined, raw, and ready before the presence of God, then He can shape me.
Then, in practical practice, understanding shall come.

That is why it is so inadequate to start these moments with all of my questions and a sense that they need answers now.

I am so prone to getting things in the wrong order because of my own impatience and drive to acquire knowledge, insight, wisdom, and strategy. It is such a lure to hit the ground running spiritually, intellectually, and in performance.

God's ways are different. Sometimes, often, always, it is best to begin by sitting, standing, kneeling, all falling on our faces in the presence of God ... and just being there.