Prayer of the Destitute
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The Addict's Prayer


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"Let no iniquity get dominion over me."

This is the prayer of any person who fears addiction to anything. It is the cry of anyone who knows the danger and potential of anything gaining that sort of dominion. What might it be? How might it disguise itself? What attraction might it offer?

More important is how we might resist and a prayer of resistance and remedy is offered, "Keep steady my steps according to your promise."

What promise? It is the promise to keep our steps steady. NIV translates it, "Direct my footsteps according to Your Word." The NLV renders it, "Guide my steps by your word," and The Message, "Steady my steps with your Word of promise."

At verse 140, he says, "Your promise is well tried, and your servant loves it."

These promises have indeed been well-tried. Some, we ourselves have tried. Some we have not, but others have. The results are that they work and ....

Today can be a day of triumph and victory!