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Show and Tell

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“This is now the third time that Jesus shewed himself to his disciples, after that he was risen from the dead.” – John 21:14

My favorite event in the early years of my schooling was neither recess nor lunch; it was “Show and Tell. “ Students would bring objects from home and tell stories about them.

I loved to show and tell my own interests and observe the presentations of others. Something about that activity captured my imagination and played to my basic curiosity about life and all things related to life.

John, the Apostle, valued what the followers of Jesus had seen, heard, seen, looked upon, and handled, according to his first epistle. Early in his gospel, he remembered Jesus inviting the first disciples to “come and see,” and then one of them using the same words to invite another.

“Show and Tell” was an effective tool of Jesus for teaching throughout His life. That is why He called people to follow Him as a full time vocation. He walks, ate, and rested with His disciples. They were always with Him observing His life and hearing His words.

Then they watched Him die. He showed them the full measure of His love in His sacrifice.

They saw it with their own eyes and were forever marked with the memory of the cross.

As they sat by the water, after His resurrection, He showed Himself to them yet again. In His post-resurrection appearances, He bolstered their faith visible and brought verbal perspective to what they had experienced. It was “Show and Tell.”

Jesus wants to impress upon us that His life is more than a curiosity. He has called us into a grand demonstration of God’s love and power, to receive His witness and to demonstrate it to others as well.

How has He shown Himself to you? What will you show forth in your life?