Making One Day Count

Random Dust, Magnetic Must

God comes 2

I often think in themes for a morning or a day or for even a week.

Themes develop and fade as quickly as they emerged ... fade into those mind files where they may or may not be efficiently labeled for retrieval, but are always present and sure to emerge again when needed.

I don't look for these themes; I just sort of gravitate toward them as if there is a magnet drawing the little specks of scattered metal dust into a meaningful center of thinking where a message might emerge if there is anyone to hear, discern, and apply it.

God comes ... into the scattered dust of our existence and there is something metallic in us and magnetic in Truth that draws us from randomness to reality and purpose. Sometimes, it is an angel voice that calls and sometimes our own random seeking that draws, but always, always, always, there is an invasion of divinity into our little conclaves of humanity that speaks with clarity.

.... If we will hear, we will hear.