Snippets of Poetic Reflection
From Strength to Strength

Jots and Tittles on "Poltics" and Other Scticks

I found these notes in my online scribbles from 2010.

There are not two sides to an issue. There are at least 360. Most issues are more circular than linear.

Today's adversarial form of politics is producing unintended consequences that all sides of the issues will find dyspeptic.

I believe most politicians are sincere & of good will, with the desire to serve & to make a positive difference. To malign is evil.

Civility is a science & an art. It is digital & analogical. It produces positive results & it helps make life worth living.

Christians in politics should set the example for respect of the dignity of people made in God's image. Stop attacking character.

I speak prophetically to Christians about these things. It's my tribe, my brethren. But I pray for decency among all people.

Calling Christians in political races: Make this the year of civil discourse, respect, & love for your opponents. Change the world!

What if all the good people in politics decided to treat their opponents with respect & good will? Or just a few? It only takes 1.