Lessons from a Chimney Sweep

A Prayer for Help


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"Help me ..."
The prayerful cry of the broken heart.
The peaceful rest of the weary soul.
The quiet resignation of the stubborn will.
The blessed resolve of the discouraged traveler.
The hope of all who breath its prayer.
Help me to do Thy will.
Oh God of grace and mercy, God of truth and justice,
God of strength and power,
God of Love and Love Incarnate,
Hear my prayer.
Help me today, to see you with new eyes,
To hear you with greater clarity,
To know you in each moment and in each trivial thing.
Help me to love as You love through me.
Help me to help others.
As I till the soil, as I tend the tasks of daily life,
As I meet others along the way, Help me.
Help me to be salty and bright.
Help me to be gracious and kind,
Help me to think and pray before I say a word.
Help me.
Teach me to pray along the way,
To step in the footsteps that lead to the destination that ...
You have prepared for the close of this day ...
And the beginning of the next.
Help me, because without Your help,
I cannot face today
Or any day.
In Jesus' Name,
Amen (for now).