Entering the Mystery
On Judgment and Judging Not - Not Even Our Judges

The God of Unhurried Haste

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I was looking back over some notes I made on the scriptures for this day several years ago. I was in a bit of a hurry. It is one of the things I deal with.

Sometimes I am inclined to hurry God.

Seldom have I prayed, "No hurry God - no need to rush."

I am more like the Psalmist who asks God to be in a hurry.

"Make haste!"

I have often prayed, "Hurry up, God?"

How do I hurry a God who is in no hurry, who has time absolutely under control?

"I am poor and needy," I join him in that saying, and it is true. He knows that.

"In you, I take refuge."

That's really all the refuge I ultimately need. This is not to discount the need of community, but if all else fails, He will not.

Then, I flipped to the story of Joseph and his brothers were having their own, hurried, "come to Jesus meeting." I will leave that one for you.

Paul chimes in and reminds us that "hot stuff" that we think we are, we've been bought with a price.

So, how could we think that God would forsake us? He would not even discard the treacherous brothers of Joseph. It took over a generation for them to find the opportunity to repent.

Jesus teaches us in Mark that everything big was once small, The Kingdom of God, at its essence, within us and within the world, can be as tiny as a mustard seed. That which begins small, has great potential.

God's in no hurry, but He will make haste to deliver us ... only to teach us to trustfully wait for the accomplishment of His purposes.

Psalm 70,71, 74
Genesis 42:29-38
1 Corinthians 6:12-30
Mark 4:21-34