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Happy PI Day - The Circle of Success


Happy Pi day. In the right circle, you can leverage your way to real success and there is a formula for building that circle.

π (pi)r squared ....

It is articulated by the same guy, Archimedes who explained leverage and declared that he could move the world with the right pulley and fulcrum upon which to stand.

The right place to stand in order to leverage success is in a circle, an ever expanding circle of influence, powered to the power of 2 and then 2, and then, 2, and again and again as the circle expands ....

Not by our efforts, but by the efforts of those into which we pour our lives ...
3.14.15 and 92 etc ... etc ... etc ...

Here is my PI formula for leveraging our way to success.

3 People into which we invest ourselves intensely and weekly with no thought of return, but knowing that others have invested and continue to invest in us. While mentoring 3, continue to be mentored by 3. If we outlive our mentors, draw insights from the young and from authors of the past. Also have 3 close peers with whom to be yourself. 3!

14 (or so ...) others with whom we regularly associate and into whose lives we more generally we contribute ourselves. It is our core group(s). Multiply that by 3: Have 14 more peripheral peers,14 more proteges, and 14 teachers.

15 (or so): Meet at least 15 new people each week. Just do it with no motive except to add value to their lives and encourage them to be all they can be. But be humble enough to listen and learn from them. Admire them. Show interest in them. Connect them with others you meet. Find ways to push them forward. Have 15 big ideas floating around.

Then there is the R. It is the radius of our reach. It it farther than we think and shorter than we hope. It has limitations, but we should reach as far as possible to the end of those limitations and then, watch them squared ...

Squaring multiplies. It starts to get out of our hands. It is squared again. Archimedes also articulated the notion of the infinitesimal .

Once our influence is squared through those we influence, they square it too and it gets out of our hands. It becomes a geometric progression of infinite possibilities.

Success about leveraging our influence through others to change the world. It is constantly redefining itself through the success of others as we drop our demands for receiving credit or worldly fame, fortune, and power.

Pi Day, 3-14-15, two years ago, was a once in a hundred year opportunity to recommit to changing the world God's way, by loving and serving others into the fullness of who they were made to be.

But we can recapture that every year and every day.

It is built into the mathematical structure of the cosmos.