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Fearless Fear


Fearless fear
We do not live by fear. But the complete absence of fear from our repertoire of emotions or the backdrop of our lives is foolishness. Those who respect, revere, and fear nothing are fools and understand nothing of the awesome power of what is beyond them cosmically as well as spiritually. The utterly fearless will not check their parachutes before jumping; they will move recklessly through life. Those who are overcome with fear will, on the other hand, be paralyzed. So ... where does the balance lie?

The fear that casts out all fear and enables us to live by faith is the beginning of wisdom - NOT the END of wisdom.

It is a starting place where we come to understand that we are not in control of everything ....

But ....

Since it is the fear OF THE LORD, we know that "the mighty reckless fury that we call the love of God (Rich Mullins)" is also the gracious, loving, and benevolent Creator who cherishes us and will stop at nothing to woo us to the place of safety in Him.

That is where wisdom begins.

" The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
all those who practice it have a good understanding.
His praise endures forever!"

(Psalm 111:10 ESV)