On the One Hand and on the Other
God's Honor Is Not at Stake

Heart First

Heart first
Heart first this morning, every morning, overflowing with a pleasing theme, a sense of centering, and longing for that which is ultimate, eternal, and true, for God. This is the beginning. It is not emotional, but it emotes. It is volitional rejoicing. "This is the day that the LORD hath made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it." It comes from the heart.

It moves toward intentional, intellectual, spiritual, creative worship. What defines it as worship is direction. Direction defines devotion. If I address my verses to the king (and, in this case, and earthly king, but in ours, a Heavenly King), then I am praising that one to whom I direct my thoughts and words.

Then, we move to content and with tongue and pen and tongue as pen words form that we scribble and inscribe. We observe and then, we repeat. We hear and we say. We listen and we share.


"My heart overflows with a pleasing theme;

I address my verses to the king;

my tongue is like the pen of wa ready scribe." - Psalm 45:1