Builder or Destroyer

I've "Gotta Go!"

Sometimes on the phone,

Sometimes in person,

Often on-line,

Occasionally when knocking on the door of the privy,

Always first thing in the morning ...

Gotta go!

When the waves of life's stormy seas become more

Than the tired cliche they are ...

And actually start to soak the boat,


I gotta go.

I do mean, to be correct, "I have to go" or

"I must go" or

"Pardon me"

OR ...

"Bye now!"

But "Gotta go" is just more ...



G - Grabbing necessity
O - Overwhelming urge
T -  Temporal urgency (urge on steroids)
T - Trust me; its true!
A - After I've gone, I'll explain.

GO -
G - Get going and get in the groove; its time for movement.
O - Out of here.

And that is where I am now ...

And will be at moments through the day ...

BUT ...

I felt

I had to write

Even something trite ...

I may not have time later.

What must be done, must be done now

Because ONE DAY ...


When I say,

"Gotta Go!"

I'll really have to go ...

And ...

In spite of my efforts ...

Or anyone's

I'll be gone.

You too!

Gotta go ...

I'll probably be back ...

But you never know.


        SEIZE THE MOMENT!!!!