Reflections on Following Jesus, Culture Wars, Loving People, and Radical Discipleship
To Blog or Not to Blog

Living Justly in an Unjust World

The blog I've not written, but know that I must has a title and a theme thus, a thrust ... to be just. In a word it is to love that which is above us, surrounds us, envelops us, has created and is creating us and to love those who also are created and are being created ... But it is an unjust world, you cry, protest, and flail. We can try, resist, and ultimately fail to live justly in such a world ... and I say, "Hogwash!" If it were not possible to swim against the tide, there would be no more salmon on the planet. Grant it, it is hard and our charred, scarred, burned and battered selves must energize, prioritize, and optimize, but we can live justly in an unjust world. In the end (and at the beginning), it is all we can do ... and what we cannot be stopped from doing.