Stumbling onto Humility
Repent or Die

Hard Times

Hard times come again no more


Isaiah 48:10
"See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction."Hard times are creeping all over.


Everyone looking for a four leafed clover.

Life as we know it isn't so easy.

Verses like this getting mighty cheesy,

Days are long. Rewards come slowly.

More time to waste, less time to be holy.

Everywhere I go, huddled masses huddling

Folks talking about hard times and muddling.

They're just trying to make it, fake it,

Shake it, bake it, and rake it in.

Preoccupation with lack of occupation

Lots of people on a forced vacation.

Where two are three assembled be

There's an "Ain't It Awful" assemble-ly.

(or a discussion of the economy

with a large dose of "woe-is-me")

Here's the challenge as I see it play out.

And you can either agree of call it way out.

When hard times come, we can let them define us ...

Or ... we can lean in, leap forward, and let them refine us.



Or this one!