Fresno, Walmart, and Hungry People
Hand Me a Trumpet

Little Lessons from Proverbs 6

We can learn much from litte!

 Proverbs 6:6-8- Little Lessons.

The ANT is tiny. It has no commander. Much like the recent campaigns in some cities through Facebook to access the hunger funds Walmart is donating, there is a convergence of energies where ants (and people) just seem to know what to do and start doing it.

Then, leadership emerges, but there is no commander; no one giving orders; no centralized structure.

Ants work. We can be caught up in a paralysis of analysis and go nowhere ... or ... we can do no analysis and spin our wheels.

Take time to think about purpose and goals. Have a direction and then take the next steps - WORK the plan! Start now and move forward TODAY!

Ants work hard, store, and gather.

Here is an acronym for ANT:

A - Acting -

Just pondering, wondering, wandering, waiting, and wishing will not accomplish a goal. Accomplishment is a three letter word: ACT!

N - Nothing, not anything can stop you.

There are excuses galore available in the buffet of negative nourishment, but you can negate the negative by declaring that nothing will stop you today!

T - Take courage.

Take time. Take the next step. Take off!

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