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Proud to Be American

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and a chest that is swelling up with pride and gratitude for the unique privilege of being an American. I am full of hope and courage for whatever we must face. I know enough not to put all my confidence in one leader, but I am also thrilled at the possibilities of what we can all accomplish together if we rally our strength and respond to positive leadership. What I see in America today is enthusiasm and the closest thing to unity we have had for a long time, and it is coming from both ends of the political landscape. It may not last for more than a moment, but in that moment, we can all experience what it is to be one country and one people. No matter who people voted for in the election, we can all come together with prayers and good wishes for a man who is the President of all of us who call ourselves American. And to those of you around the world who do not call yourselves American, welcome back to the table!