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The World's First Business Consultant - Proverbs 1:1

My wife chooses books by title and by reading the back cover. She also has favorite authors to whom she gravitates, but primarily, she is a title/back cover book picker.

I see the author's name first. I seek out the latest books by my favorites who are most likely people whose wisdom I trust.

Thus, as Solomon identifies himself in Proverbs 1:1, it is an attention getter for me and others.

"The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;"

Solomon was the world's first business consultant, life coach, motivational speaker, and professional wise man. People paid him just to be able to hang out with him, listen to him, observe him in action, and ask for his advice.

Some might call him a leadership guru.

For that reason, it is impossible to gloss over the first verse of Proverbs as an insignificant footnote. It is what gives the entire book credibility.

So, I ask myself. Who is seeking my advice and counsel? Who is willing to pay for it? What is it worth?

Solomon began his illustrious career by asking God for wisdom above all else. God heard and granted his request.

Perhaps that is a good starting place for all of us.