Pass It On.
Cliches Old and New on the Road to Success


It has been a while and I am back.

Thanks to all who missed me and told me.

Thanks to those who did and didn't.

Life gets "up in a heaval" (upheaval) and we lose our tracking and must find new centers for our daily disciplines.

I wish to honor the old categories of this blog, but I will also introduce a new format category - the MIG MAG (as in Magazine) It will stand for MAKING IDEAS GROW and MAKING ADVANCES GRADUALLY.

It occurred to me just this morning that gradual is not "synonymous" with "slow." It comes from the concept of gradations, " proceeding by steps or degrees."

Quickly or slowly, the analogical world with its digital precision is comprised of component parts and grades. Fast steps and slow steps have this in common: they are steps.

Our ideas must geminate and develop. Our advances may seem like marathon events over a lifetime, but they are, in facts, multiple series of sprints, pulsating, intensifying, resting, reenergizing, and moving with purpose toward unspoken goals or default destinations depending upon the levels of our intention and attention.

For me, there are some key categories of ideas that I am inclined and equipped to address with competence or curiosity. One is entrepreneurship (and I am so happy I can spell it). Another is biblical principles for business, especially from Proverbs. Networking, personal and spiritual development, health, nutrition, web marketing, web trends, and ministry are all areas of seeking in my life.

All shall be included.