My Excuses
SPASMS - When Life and Business Flutter

Topics on the Table

I grabbed some time this morning to think about reordering my life, reigniting my flames, and retooling my writing online.  I realized that I had some time and ideas that I was not aware of and I am pleased to announce the following topics are in the works and at work in my life:

The Coin Toss - How to make up your mind when you are not sure you have one.

SEEDS - It is not just about planting them. You have to pick them and plant them at the right time and in the right soils.

Spasms - They are everywhere - social, political, emotional, cultural, economic, and spiritual. Good things can come of spasms. As an example: Hawaii is the result of the earth spasming.

In the Cracks - How do you do the things that need to be done requiring time and thought when all you have are short time periods between the demands of life. Many people are building dreams in the cracks of their lives. We will offer some tips.

Patience - What do I need to do right now for survival so that I can take the time necessary to build my dreams slowly, deliberately, and with the adequate thought and care? What will free me up to be patient with myself?

Maybe just reading the topics will be enough to propel you, but the articles are coming.