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Sunday Morning Blessing

It is a joy to count all of you as my friends.

You encourage me.

What a blessing to see so many who aim for something better and toward becoming all they can be.

It is a source of joy to see so many who are cultivating faith in their lives and businesses.

I apologize for the gap in these postings. Life seems to have other plans than those I neatly organize sometimes.

And that is part of the beauty of it.

May your God-given dreams envelope you in a sea of wonder. May your goals be ever before you to get you up and get you going. May you celebrate your successes and embrace your failures as cobblestones on the road to success. May the joy of this season of hope lift you to higher planes of grace and deeper levels of commitment. May your view be always fixed ahead and above while you live with awe in the present and in peace with the past.

May the One who gives life and health guide you over the storms of this present sea of danger and opportunity steadily into the port of purpose.

May each day of your life be filled with glorious manifestations of infinite possibilities.

May your home be a reservoir of love overflowing into the streets of your city.

May your life be a lighthouse of hope and integrity; may your words be well chosen food for the souls of many; may your thoughts be seeds of greatness for yourself and others.

You have it in you and I am honored to be called your friend. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference in this world and the world to come.


Here is Roger McGuinn singing "May the Road Rise to Meet You." (His own version)


- Tom Sims, The Dream Factory,