Ann Felton
On the Other Hand


Frenzies are frequent and frightful in the frantic days before Christmas. All that we have resolved to do for our businesses and families well in advance, we feel we must do now and finish quickly.

To this wave of hyperactive scrambling I would say one thing: STOP!

Spell FRENZY with me - F-R-E-N-Z-Y and let this acronym guide you.

F - Fake it. Whatever is left undone, just let it hang and act like you are finished and that it was your idea not to overdo it.

R - Refocus, Reschedule, and Relax. Start December 26 and plan for next Christmas. Stop where you are with cards an d send out Epiphany cards or Easter cards. Whatever is not done can be done some other time. You are not alone. Stop whipping yourself, slow down, and enjoy the holiday in the spirit of grace.

E - Exhale. You are hyperventilating. That is not helpful to you. You don't have to do it all in the next couple of days. There will be other Christmases and people need widgets all year long.

N - NEXT! It is always NEXT! Next year, next Christmas, next prospect, next opportunity; all of these come around. "Some will, some won't, so what. NEXT!"

Z - Zero - That is what you will gain from beating yourself up over your failures.

Y - YES is what you need to say to the gift of God is Jesus Christ. Nothing in your lack of planning or implementation can negate the reality of the wonder of His incarnation. Celebrate with a humongous YES!

About that frenzy? Let it go. At about 10 A.M. Christmas morning, none of it will matter.