Nowhere or Know Where
Love the Process

We Can Do It

The first time I heard the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt and heard Dick speak, I was was utterly amazed and my soul was stirred. Since that time, the power of their lives has not diminished for me. Rick and Dick have a message: Yes You Can!

I would not begin  to dispute that, but I would temper it with these words: We Can Do It. Dick, as Rick's father, is not doing all the giving as he pushes Rick's wheelchair in competition. From the Boston Marathon to the Iron Man Competition, Dick and Rick are equal partners.

Dick said, "Rick is my motivator. He inspires me. To me, he's the one out there competing and I just lend him my arms and legs so he can compete."

He continues, "There's just something that gets into me when we're out there."

That something makes Dick want to go faster ... and he does.

"Teamwork makes the dream work," says John Maxwell and  others. Team Hoyt is not just one man; it is two. One has a disability but a great heart. The other pushes the chair out of profound love and with strength and agility that most men leave behind in  their youth.

Watch the first two videos for the inspiring story, but make sure you watch the next two for celebration and deep encouragement.

I needed a dose of Team Hoyt this morning and I thought I'd share them with you on the off-chance that you needed a dose too.

Team Hoyt can be found at Ironman DVD Site   and there are more films on the YouTube site. Keep up with Dick and Rick at Team Hoyt.