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Talking Yourself Into a Ticket

"A fool's talk brings a rod to his back, but the lips of the wise protect them." - Proverbs 14:3 (NIV)

I used to teach traffic school and later supervised other traffic school teachers, some of whom were police officers. They told me some hilarious tales of how people had talked themselves into tickets - just by talking - too much.

I began to notice this in my classes as people told their stories and  I would sometimes remark, "You talked yourself into that ticket."

In other words, the officer was inclined to let the infraction go, but with the driver's words and attitudes in his or her face, it made the citation inevitable.

In any given situation,your words can turn the outcome into something positive or negative. Consider them before uttering them.

This is true in business and in every other form of human interaction. Words count.

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