Some New Sites From Friends
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New Sites That I Have Developed for My Interests

For a complete listing of my Blogger sites, View my Profile on Blogger.

Here are some current interests since the last time I posted my list:

Your Income for Life is devoted to the income opportunities with Global Domains International.
Affilate Buzz is actually old, but there are some great links to companies with affiliate marketing programs and some good information on affiliate marketing.
Fields of Bluegrass - I love Bluegrass music. So, I posted some.
ACT Now! is about the product and business possibilities of ACT energy drinks.
Folk Revival - I also love folk music. Some of my favorites are posted here.
Your Money Today is my newest blog with financial news, advice, information, and important links.
Motivation Invitation already has some good information and inspiration even though we've just started.
Picks from Tom is simply material that I had overflowing from my MySpace profile and did not want to lose.

I also have some new product pages for your shopping convenience with many more coming:

Prepaid Phone Cards as Gifts
Specialty Food Gifts - Life is good!
Pastor Tom's Table at Starbucks - all sorts of coffee and related products.
Kid Stuff - More is coming.
Discounts and Bargains - What everyone loves!
Organization Tools - For the organization person!
Shop and Share - An umbrella page.
Products for Your Business - Doba - a real find!