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I Forgot Something

I forgot to offer you an easy way to get your tickets. I know you can figure that out, but just in case you want to do it now, here is a Fandango link, but what follows is far more important than that link.

Buy Movie Tickets Online Now!

Here is some reasoning for why we might consider doing something NOW rather than putting it off.

N - Not the same level of uncertainty as tomorrow. You know you have this moment because you are in it.

O - Output levels to get the job done will never be easier.

W - Why Wait?

It is not so important with movies - although, big screen is really the way to see certain films and they are usually gone before I see them.

What is important is the phone call you ought to make, the letter you ought to write, and the word of encouragement you really need to give.

That is because ...

N - NOT is such a final word. You are NOT promised tomorrow to do what needs to be done today. People die every day. They move away. They forget. They lay aside their hopes and dreams. Opportunities pass never to return.

O - Output demands increase with each passing moment, day, and year. You get older and the job gets harder. For one thing, your heart has gotten harder, you've lost the spontaneity, and you have to make all sorts of excuses and apologies for why you didn't do it sooner.

W - Why wait? Why not? Well ...  the only reasons I know for waiting to do what ought to be done are laziness which is usually more about fear, followed by all sorts of other negative emotions.

It is not easy to say and do some of the things that are on our hearts, but many of those things MUST be done and they need to be done now before it is too late.

Think about it.