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Are You Having Trouble Believing?

You Can Do It ... Again

It may have been a while since I or anyone else has told you, but you really can do it.

You have all the potential in the world.

You have a God who loves you and a dream that He has planted in your heart.

You have a God who not only loves you, but is bigger than your challenges and more than ready to help you meet them.

You have determination in your soul.

You have creativity oozing from your pores.

You have the good sense and courage to be networking at this very minute.

You have the desire to succeed, exemplified by the fact that you chose to read this blog.

You most likely have a  vehicle and a plan. If not, there are many out there that are well formulated, supported by a strong system, and promoted and managed by people of integrity.

You know what you need to do next or at least, who to ask for direction and counsel. You just need the courage to do it.

You actually have that. You may not know it, but I am telling you now, because I believe in you... and God believes in you, which is far more important.

You can do it ... and you will ... if you make the choice right now.

- Tom Sims, The Dream Factory