Tomorrow = Big Day and Other Stuff

Too Blessed?

I was coming out of the parking lot after the Fresno Business Forum today when an SUV swung around to my left in a one-way-the-other-way lane to negotiate a left turn in front of me. The driver then accelerated in a manner that suggested hurry and slammed to a stop in  the next round of traffic giving me an opportunity to catch up and read the nicely mounted plate on the back of his or her car:

"Too Blessed to be Stressed."

CHUCKLE - said I to myself with a grunt of superiority and wisdom beyond my capacity. After all, I had just been treated to 45 minutes of Mr. Leadership/Success/Got-It-It-Together John Maxwell himself. (Don't get me wrong - I really do attribute all those qualities to him). This was an opportunity to wax philosophical and perhaps, to break my blog-silence with a fresh idea.

While I was waxing thus and so, I had an awakening. It was halfway through the process of slamming on my breaks and testing their anti-lock capabilities.

The SUV had stopped in a timely manner to let a pedestrian cross the street in an appropriate walkway and once again, I was afforded a literary insight:

I could now write about humility.

More tomorrow.