Winning in a Time of Foreclosures
A Dose of Jim Rohn

Stay the Course

Staying the course is an effort. Without the effort, there is no movement because the course does not drag us through. We must take steps and those steps are sometimes on uneven ground and along winding paths with ascents and descents.

We must stay it and that demands focus, refocus, and refinement.

  • S -  Steady, constant determination with an integrity of focus and commitment.
  • T - Tenacity not to be deterred, discouraged, or distracted from our life mission.
  • A - Activity appropriate to the goals we have adopted.
  • Y - "Yes, Yes" living in a culture that is addicted to "no"s and negative feedback.

Funny thing, when we STAY, this way, we MOVE forward along the course.

  • C - Constant consciousness of a compelling calling.
  • O - Obstinate, objective, outlook on our desired outcomes.
  • U - Undying  understanding of a undeniable universe of possibilities we envision.
  • R - Reach - It is a reach and a stretch to realize that which is unrealized except in our clear vision of what can be.
  • S - Simplicity - The course is not complicated or vague. We can state the outcome we desire.
  • E - Eagerness - We desire it deeply and will stop at nothing less.