Eleanor Sheppard of Richmond and the Inch By Inch Solution
You Can Do It ... Again

Richmond - Dallas - San Diego - Los Angeles - Fresno

Before I sleep tonight, I'll be in all of those cities.

It is noon in Richmond and will be tomorrow in Richmond when I arrive in Fresno tonight.

Go figure that out.

Travel takes its toll on clear and concise speech.

I return home with high expectations and enthusiasm for my sermon tomorrow. There are some key questions I will pose. One of them is, "Who would ever listen to anything a 12 year old has to say?"

The answer is - some pretty impressive rabbis about 2000 years ago during the Passover in Jerusalem. For three days, there was a running discussion of theology and law between them and some kid from Nazareth.

"Who was that kid? Where did He get all those ideas and questions."

Where indeed.

And, having lost all track of time in the process of being fully engaged in the subject, he was sought by his flks who asked why he had caused them such distress. He replied that they should have know where he was and then figured it was time to go home and be a dutiful son for the next decade or so.

Amazing things happen when you travel.