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Dry and Wet Seasons

I have been a little dry lately. I don't know if it is a lack of focus, a drought of motivation/inspiration, the pressures of life, or just a season, but there has been a wall between what I have wanted and needed to say and my frontal lobe functions culminating in finger tips on the keyboard typing anything brilliant or mundane.

I am not sure how I feel about seasons.

We have an extra week of daylight savings time on this end and had an extra week in the Spring. That plays to my love of stability, but that will change Saturday night. Don't forget to FALL BACK (especially folks from my church). Better put:

Remember, when you hit the sack, to set your clock an hour back.

Seasons change and they are quite predictable. The weather changes and so does the "look and feel" of the earth. It is amazing how much.

I change, sometimes predictably and seasonally, and occasionally with dramatic surges and jerks.

The key to living above one's circumstances has at least one groove of accepting them and acknowledging their power and influence. The rest of the grooves have to do with functioning in spite of them in accordance with our dreams and commitments.

Actually, I like seasons - especially the ones I really like.

Fickle, aren't we?  I know full well how important it is for the earth to breath in its own rhythms and independently of my preferences. If only my knee jerk reactions would catch up with my intellectual assent to that reality.

I know that the seasons of my own life, creativity, and productivity are just as vital to what God is forming through me.

It is October 31, 2007 - a day that has never been before and never will be again.

Let us celebrate.