Running With God - Jonah 3

D. James Kennedy

Simply put, D. James Kennedy taught me how to simply, boldly, and effectively share my faith in Jesus Christ and lead people gently, respectfully, and positively to the place where they could make their own informed decision to trust in Him. Dr. Kennedy did this through Evangelism Explosion. Through this one ministry, now in every nation on earth, Dr. Kennedy has impacted hundreds of millions of lives for eternity.

Much of what I now know about evangelism and faith-sharing, I first learned as a student of D. James Kennedy's teachings. It may also be said that most of what I have built upon as a Christian business person and entrepreneur, pastor, encourager, and salesman, I first wrestled with in his lessons on how Jesus used the laws of selling to influence people.

In Evangelism Explosion, I first encountered the importance and simplicity of multiplied ministry, influence, and time leverage through training other people a few at a time and through geometric progression, exploding potential into massive movements of truth and grace.

I am grateful for the gift of D. James Kennedy, saddened by his loss, and joyful that he is now in the presence of the One to whom he has led so many.

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