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More Dreamers

Another  example of dreamers and doers has surfaced in Fresno of all places.

Fresno Famous
chronicles the success of  Ann McAtee and Ferry Santoso in "Teaze Me, Pleaze Me." They opened Teazer World Te Market in Fresno's Tower District three years ago and are already expanding.

Famous Whitewater wrote the story of their journey.

I love this quote:

" ... people can find 100 reasons why you’ll fail. And that, McAtee doesn’t have time for."

We can always find reasons for failure and thus, for not making any attempts to try. I appreciate the inspiration of this and other reports and the reality that there are two more people out there who are  investing their time in doing whatever it takes.

The road to success is paved with the cobblestones of failure but it is not called the road to failure. Failures are just what we walk over on the path to our own dreamlands.

The next time I am in the Tower, I think I'll have  spot of tea.

- Tom
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