Make a Decision
Henry Neufeld - Author of the Month

Projects and Rejects

Projection often requires rejection. If I take up one project, let me interject for conjecture sake, I must reject another, at least for a juncture of time.

If I inject, into my schedule a new project, something is ejected from the slot where I have placed the new variable.

What I am saying is that I am involved in something out of the ordinary and temporary and it causes me to reevaluate my schedule and put other things on hold - like being prolific and terrific in my blogging.

I never was very good with balances.

But I am getting better and things are coming together.

The key for me is not to let go of the momentum created by progress while at the same time, relaxing in the Spirit and rejecting the notion that I ought to play God, even with the unknowns in my own personal schedule.

I have a project here and another there and one is calling at the moment but there are several that are consistently active no matter what else is happening. Whatever I am doing, the REASON I was born dominates my driving and striving toward the big prize for which i press on.

So, when one of you is encouraged or blessed and I find out, there is a moment of suspended animation where everything stops to celebrate. You and your success become the primary project in that moment and I am energized for the piddly little tasks on my desk that so predictably overwhelm me.

That core calling of my life is the one thing that cannot be rejected or ejected whatever else is projected.

Forgive my rambling stream of consciousness and find that ONE thing that you are always doing no matter what else you are doing and let your best energy and commitment gather around that core calling. You can do many things in life as long as you are fully consecrated to ONE great thing.

Multiple focus comes out of singular focus. Find it with God's direction and live it.