Sermon on Time

Making the Impossible Possible - Asked&Answered

MrLogic on AnswerBag.COm asked an important question: "How do you make the ,so called impossible in your life, possible?" That made me think for a moment:

First, you make a decision and follow it with a commitment.

Then, you devote time to the dream you have to study, plan, and saturate yourself with knowledge.

You make a plan, set goals with deadlines, set mileposts called objectives for each goal and action items for each objective.

You make a daily habit of reviewing your goals (reading them aloud daily) and taking daily actions.

You visit your dream daily.

You surround yourself with can-do people and mentors who encourage you.

You read only positive literature, listen only to positive audios, and watch only positive videos. Feed your dreams with positive thinking and starve out your fears and negative thoughts. Whatever you feed with grow.

Anticipate set-backs, failures, and discouragement and determine to fail forward, learn from your mistakes, and ignore your self-doubts.

Evaluate your progress regularly. Do it alone and with encouraging mentors.

Build a team of people with whom you collaborate and think together. Meet some new person daily.

Stretch yourself every day and celebrate your victories.