A Little Candy for a Saturday

Sunday Again

I am getting ready to leave for church. Perhaps some of you will join me.

The overlap between principles of missional church planting and entrepreneurial ventures is constantly surprising me.

My message today will touch to some of those keys areas with a focus on missional church planting.

If you are a network marketer, you must employ some of the same skills that I use as a pastor. While you, in that role, are not entrusted specifically with teaching eternal truth and watching over the eternal destiny of souls, you are entrusted with people's lives and dreams.

You are watching over a flock in ways that goes beyond a bottom line and production.

You are engaged in people building. If you build people, you will build your network marketing business.

Pastors could learn a lot from network marketers as well.

As the weeks and months go by, I will be writing on some of these overlaps and hopefully benefiting people in both spheres as well as those, who like me, live in both worlds.

One key to both is placing a high value on people and seeing them not as tools we can use to reach our goals, but as the objects of our service and the focus of our businesses and ministries. It is seeing and loving people as God sees and loves them.

The temptations in both ministry and business delude us into thinking we can use people to achieve our ends. Rather, we are called in both arenas to serve God by equipping people to realize, embrace, and move toward His great dream that He has implanted in their hearts.

My primary calling is to proclaim the Word of God, but more and more I am discovering that He has much to say to those who would people businesses that value human resources and call people to a higher level of living.

I wish you God's best and I will see you in church.



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