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Opportunities and Principles

There are so many wonderful opportunities in network and affiliate marketing available today. There are sound business and compensation plans, ethical companies, and excellent products for discerning individuals to sort through and from which for them to choose.

I promote several of them myself and have been involved with many.

With some exceptions, they are credible businesses which a highly motivated person who is willing to learn the necessary skills can use as a platform for building wealth, security, and freedom. However, no one can do them all and jumping from business to business in search of one magic outlet could be a sign that a person is not learning the necessary lessons of success.

With very few exceptions, these businesses are built on common principles that can be applied to any endeavor. They are also predicated upon attitudes that breed success. In addition, in order for that success to be truly rewarding and fulfilling, it must be more than financial and business success. It must touch something deeper inside of us and develops character.

The principles of people-building businesses are sound because they are spiritual, biblical, and intrinsic. They are profoundly meaningful because, at their core, is the spirit of giving. They elevate the centrality of good relationships and they often point to a relationship with God as the central relationship that every human needs and longs for.

My interest lies in teaching and applying these principles that are described as a TUNE we learn to sing:

T - Transferable principles
- Most people try 3 multi-level companies before they settle on the one at which they are successful. Are the first two a waste of time? In no way. They are schools of principles where a person can learn while they earn (or not earn). Nothing is wasted for the one who is committed to learning and applying principles. Each business has its own learning curve, but no business completely reinvents the wheel. Thank god for those who have laid the foundation. Now build on it.

U - Universal principles
- Network marketing principles are not only transferable, but they are universal in the sense that they are cross-cultural and apply to other disciplines than  network marketing or traditional business. The best lessons of network marketing are about life, relationships, personal development, people skills, becoming a life long learner, ethics, and character. These are universal. They are necessary for 40 hour a week jobs, for ministry, and family life. Even if you never make a dime in your home-based business, take advantage of the training, the books, the audio-visual materials, and the mentoring - for life!

N - Necessary prerequisites
- Every network marketing business has its own uniqueness and learning curve. There are prerequisites for each. One is a humble attitude that is teachable and willing to learn. There is a difference between the two. The first is largely passive and the second is proactive and both are necessary. The necessary prerequisites for choosing the right business are both subjective and objective.

  1. Can you get enthusiastic about the core product? If you are told that the product isn't important, consider that a credibility red-flag.
  2. Do you like the sponsor and his/her sponsor (your support team)? Can you related to each other? Can you learn from someone in that organization? Do they have a good training system?
  3. Is the system clear and duplicative? Can you understand it and communicate it to others and train them to communicate it?
  4. Does the company have a good track record and credibility? What is its reputation? Check it out. Even if it is new, the founders will have some sort of track record you can check on.
  5. Can you "do" the marketing plan? Does it work with your hard-wiring or can you train yourself to make it work for you?
  6. Are there models of success that you can look up to?
  7. Are your sponsors accessible and ready to help you build your business?
  8. How is the online support? Is that important to you?
  9. Who are the people to whom your business/product will appeal? Can you relate to them?

E - Enduring truth - These principles will not change even though specific strategies and methodologies will. Learn them by applying them and soar.

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