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As of today and this hour, I have posted 328 articles on this blog. Here are some highlights since September 2006:

Hand-Holding in Ministry 

Coffee and Honey

Remember the Life-Saving Station

Tools, Drools, and Fools 

Take Some Steps of FAITH

Seven "E" for a Christ-Centered Community

Going RADical 

FAST Thinking 

Taming the The Rhinoceros

What Does It Take to Get Good Contacts?   , 

Temporal Complexity  ,   

Scandals and Sandals   , 

Goodwill  ,   

What Are You Selling?  , 

How to Be Rigidly Flexible About Time   ,   

The Hands of Time  , 

What About Now? ,   

Long Dash   , 

Writing Your Own Ticket  , 

Humility and Confidence   , 

Decisions   ,   

These Are the Days  , 

Setting the Table   ,

Notes and Ideas  ,

Seven Tenths of a Pound  ,   

My New Hero   , 

People Meeting People  , 

Loving People  ,   

Spring Time in Fresno   ,

Losing Heart Is Not an Option   ,

God, the Entrepreneur  , 

Suze Orman on Self Employment

From "The Shoestring Conspiracy(Shoestrings Are Cheap"   ,

New Friends  ,

Fair Shakes and Residuals   ,

Triple Threat   ,   

Yes, the Sky Is Falling & It's OK  ,   

A Little Comic Relief for a Saturday   , 

Locals of Note  ,   

Bob Burg on Winning Without Intimidation   ,

Good Word for a Project Guy   ,   

Wendy Says You Need a PHD!   ,   

"Direct Selling Success in 2007" from"Direct Selling News"   , 

Gerald May 1940-2005  , 

Another quote from Gerald May   , 

Free Lunches and Networking  ,   

Sitting Here  ,    

The Entrepreneurial URGE   ,   

The Holiness of the Ordinary    , 

This Is Not Brain Surgery ... but It Makes Sense   ,   

Working Pastors   ,   

Time and Transformation  ,    

Lyn Perry and Thought Renewal    , 

Keep Your Widgets Polished    , 

Spelling SALES

H.B. London Has Been in My Mail    ,   

Thoughts on The Fellowship of Joy   , 

Sliding Between Parallel Dimensions  , 

Thinking Aloud (Allowed)   ,   

Honor and Horrows  ,

Anna Nicole  , 

Anne Lamott    , 

Entrepreneurial Education ,    

Zipper Down on the Highway to WELATH  ,

Motives   ,   

Proverbs 13 for Work, Wealth and Business   , 

Hi! A. Tuss   , 

Virgnina Tech in the News and In Our Prayers  ,   

Proverbs 12 for Work, Wealth, and Business  ,

More Proverbs on Money and Wealth

Wealth Words from Proverbs 10   ,   

Should You Consider Network Marketing?   ,   

Something  , 

Learning Curves Are for Exercise  ,   

From Fire to Abundance  ,   

Bullet Biting Behaviors ,   

Risk  ,   


Thoughts on Leadership   ,   

How Big?   ,   

Smile  , 

Becoming REAL ,    

What Counts? ,   \

Do SOMETHING! - Today's Proverb for Work and Wealth    

Money - Troubles or Treasures 

A Proverb for Anything 

Spelling M-O-N-E-Y Biblically      

How to Make Someone's Day! 

How To Make Someone's D-A-Y Part Two - Spell It!

The Power of Stories 

 Most Recent Rant on Fresno Famous 

Sliding Between Parallel Dimensions

More recent Entries

Let's Get to Church 

IVA - A Sweet and Real Lady

Musings - But Not Necessarily Amusing   

Differences and Commonalities   


Flip the Greatness Switch,   

The FLOW of Grace  ,   

Nor the Memorial of Them Perish  ,   

Pentecost  ,   

Social Networks - Are they a FAD?

Take Charge and Win    

A Benediction 

The Towel Step

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