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Brilliant Simplicity

Fran Briggs is brilliant as she preaches simplicity and duplication.

"Success in anything, including the "exposure" of any business, product and service comes down to creating and maintaining an environment which inspires, designing a dynamic plan, taking daily action on that plan, being tenaciously dedicated to a high level of expectation for specific results, and doing whatever it takes to get what needs to be done, done."
"It's that simple. "

"So don't make it hard."

Then she lifts up the importance of third party validation. Check out her material on MySpace at her page:  Fran Briggs

She reminded me of the scene from Forest Gump where the drill sergeant declares Forest to be something of a genius because he was able to adapt to a system and follow simple instructions.

Sometimes we call it "dumb simple."

To over complicate things is not brilliance. To simplify the complex is.

Chance the gardener in "Being There" with Peter Sellers becomes Chauncy Gardner by saying little and looking interested.  He is sought out for advice and even considered for high office even though he cannot write his own name.

Proverbs 17:28
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent,  and discerning if he holds his tongue .

It is not that we need to be uninformed, naive, simple minded, and dull of thought, but we must humble ourselves to realize that our ingenuity may not be required for the task of networking as much as our perseverance, faith, hard work, and ability to take a system and not make it something that only we can do because we are so infatuated with our own creativity.

In network marketing, ministry, and any form of organizational development, real brilliance is in duplication, our skills at transferring skills in such a way as to enable the person to whom we are transferring them to transfer them to others.

If you can't duplicate it, you must service it forever - yourself.

We are in the business of building and releasing people who will build and release people. There is a place for your creativity and unique brilliance, but there is also a place for utter simplicity that can be passed on through generations of downline and bring hope to the Forest Gumps of the world ... who I think truly was brilliant.